As a leading real estate development company in California, Tutelian & Co has been the cornerstone of growth and expansion in Fresno for over 50 years. The company is now synonymous with beautiful high-quality developments, and has built some of the finest buildings in the city.

Although primarily involved in new developments, we are passionate about the detailed and loving preservation of historic buildings such as The Grand 1401, where our headquarters are now currently located. The company commitment and dedication to the improvement of Fresno can be seen in all past developments that range from the fashionable Civic Center Square to the stylish Galleria, and the elegant San Joaquin Power Building. Our ceaseless drive for quality and excellence has meant that Fresno has landmarks that are a source of civic pride while remaining highly functional.

Looking to the future, Tutelian & Co will continue its core mission to restore, renew and revive Fresno and its surrounding communities with innovative new developments. With the construction of the beautiful Villagio Shopping Center, Tutelian & Co is also credited with successfully bringing major retail and restaurant chains to Fresno for the first time. Park Place Shopping Center, the most recent company development, incorporates the beauty of the San Joaquin River with stunning new buildings that include a state-of-the-art gym, gourmet restaurants, boutique stores and a prestigious private pre-school. As we look to expand beyond Fresno in the coming years, the Central Valley will soon benefit from the Company’s unique development projects, not to mention the expertise in bringing leading retail chains to new regions and communities.